High-precision Arsenal for guaranteed success


Our solutions are the fruit of experience acquired in fields where we have been particularly active. Designed by us, with the help of our partners, they enable you to get up and running quickly in the fields of real estate, e-commerce…

We can also handle the online promotion and hosting of your eBusiness in an environment we manage ourselves, guaranteeing you a single point of contact attentive to your needs.

Real estate

  • PUBLIMMO™ : designed with our partner Acheter-Louer.ch, PUBLIMMO™ is an online (SaaS) real estate brokerage network solution that lets you manage your properties and customer relations (CRM) intuitively and efficiently.
  • Broker Portals : from the smallest to the largest, we can offer you a wide range of products, from low-cost packages to tailor-made solutions, to set you apart from your competitors and give you the edge in a highly competitive market.

Customized hosting

We have our own hosting infrastructure at the Bussigny datacenter, directly connected to the CERN European node. By controlling the quality of this environment ourselves, we offer a personalized, professional service, far removed from the constraints imposed by large hosting companies.

In particular, we specialize in J2EE hosting – Java 2 Enterprise Edition – which meets the highest expectations in terms of stability and security.

Google Apps Entreprise

  • As an official Google Apps partner, NETSQUAD is able to implement these solutions in your business.
  • We can also develop data gateways between Google Apps and your eBusiness.

Online promotion & advertising

Know-how and making it known

Even the most successful eBusiness needs good communication to make itself known. Natural referencing – a kind of digital word-of-mouth – takes time. Online advertising tools enable you to precisely target your clientele and analyze their expectations.

  • Google Analytics : Implementation of audience measurement tools and strategic consulting
  • Google Tag Manager : Specific measurements of user behavior and development of targeted actions
  • Google Data Studio : Customized formatting of analyses and key figures for your online activities
  • Google Ads (previously Adwords) : Campaign launch and follow-up
  • Meta Business Ads (previously Facebook Ads) : Consulting and optimizing your company page, launching and monitoring campaigns